Our Mission

The mission of Maitland Labs is to provide innovative, flexible and cost-effective approaches to the production and development of sterile drugs and sterile products. Our client’s projects are treated as our own.

Our Goal

At Maitland, our client base includes countless entrepreneurs who, before meeting us, were told “No, I’m afraid that we can’t help you with that” more times than they care to remember. Our goal is to fill that void and offer flexibility, precision and excellence in sterile development and manufacturing.

  • Quality Driven –meet minimum GMP requirements, but risk adverse

  • Results Orientated– optimal methods and robust processes

  • Research Led –explore options, provide innovative approaches where required

Other Services

Through an affiliated company, IMMUNOCLIN, we also offer clinical trial management services.

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Clinical Trial Management


Maitland Labs – Innovative approaches to the development and production of new and existing sterile drugs.